I put all of my heart and gifts into creating the most inspiring and uplifting reflection of you and your loved ones.

First, viewing my full portfolio, if you wish, I will help you choose a life-size bust, a larger-than-life-size bust, a ¾ length or full-length work of art. Then I will help you choose an indoor, outdoor, or nondescript background. And finally, formal or casual attire, a sepia, or full-color impressionism or realism portrait.

This will be a vision of yourself that will live on much longer than we can conceive. Great portraiture lives on in families for centuries, in private collections and the great museums around the world. We will make yours worthy of all of these.

Then the creative work begins on a whole other level. We take one hundred or so photographs in an hour or two, perhaps with different clothing and backgrounds to allow for a variety of options. And we will always leave room for the spontaneous, creative surprises.

I will find your best lighting and angle for your most aesthetic and vibrant perspective. I will bring forth your most positive expressions and capture those that manifest the entire rainbow of you, the lightness and profundity of the depth of your personality, character, mind and heart. This is what separates mediocrity from magnificence in works of portraiture.

We will review all of our photos in our next meeting. I will show you a mirror of yourself that you have never seen before.

Once you choose a photo, (you will get all of them and the negatives) possibly combining a few for background or attire, I will provide you with a full-size sketch for your approval. This process of step-by-step predictability allows me to guarantee not just your satisfaction, but total delight in your portrait.

With your say to go forward, I will begin your painting in earnest. Your work will be created on museum, archival-quality portrait canvas. Upon your unveiling I will make any finishing touches you may wish. You will experience the most endearing and exciting portrayal of yourself that you could ever imagine, not mere flattery, but the true and highest essence of your spirit. We will have created the most valuable and lasting family heirloom for generations to come, beautiful beyond your dreams.